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The Chair of Philosophy of Religion at the University of Freiburg invited Adrián Navigante to hold a seminar on Vedānta and Tantra from June 22 to 23 last, together with Prof. Markus Enders. This seminar, conceived as an introduction to some of the main aspects of Hinduism, took as its guide-line the opposition vaidikatāntrika propounded by Kullūka Bhaṭṭa in his commentary to Manusmṛti, an opposition viewed by some Hindus and scholars as a contrast and by others as a complementary opposition articulating the complex field of practices and doctrines in the Indian Subcontinent. The seminar also examined the reception of Vedānta and Tantra in the West, with discussion of authors such as Raimon Panikkar, Alain Daniélou and Henri le Saux.