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Left: Jacques Vigne at the Labyrinth, photo by Sarah Eichner.
Right: Vibrating Heads, reproduced with permission from the author.

Within the framework of the round-table on meditation and psychology held at the Labyrinth, Zagarolo, preceding Jacques Vigne’s intensive meditation seminar conducted at the same venue, Tiziana Lorenzetti of the International Institute of South Asian Studies actively participated in the discussion, marking the beginning of a dialogue between FIND and the International Institute of South Asian Studies that will certainly bear fruit in the future.

Presentation of Jacques Vigne’s book
(12 May, 2015)

Adrián Navigante presented Jacques Vigne’s book L’urgenza di una meditazione laica in Italian with a lecture on the interesting phenomena surrounding progress in science and the development of lay spirituality, analyzing not only the main aspects of Jacques Vigne’s project for a “spiritual psychology” but also reconstructing the history of the reception of Eastern ideas in Western culture.