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On October 15, 2018, Adrián Navigante held a lecture at the Swiss Forum “Frontiers in Psychedelic Science“, founded by Dr. Milan Scheidegger at the University of Zurich. In his lecture, Adrián Navigante spoke about the religious meaning of visions in modern arts, thus anticipating the interdisciplinary debate to be held at Alain Daniélou Foundation ‘s Transcultural Encounters Forum 2018 at Zagarolo: “Altered States of Consciousness and their Relationship with Religious Experience“. Henri Michaux’ mescaline experience in its relationship to Hindu religion (especially the Soma cult in the Rig Veda) and Antonin Artaud’s peyote initiation viewed from its shamanic background (among the Tarahumaras) were the two aspects of modern arts highlighted in this lecture.