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Dear Readers,

From now on, the Cahiers de la Fondation have a new format, the result of a considerable and lengthy effort by FIND Intellectual Dialogue concerning the content of an online publication on the one hand and, on the other, the progressive evolution of team-work leading to the formal result I hope you will appreciate in this issue.

As for the first aspect, I am very grateful to Sarah Eichner and Kenneth Hurry for the co-editing; for the second aspect, I am indebted to Valentina Barsotti from Takk studio, with many thanks also to Walter Beschmout and Christian Braut for their permanent support on many levels.

I hope you will like the new format, as well as the contents. Needless to say, our Cahiers team will keep improving on this adventure of ideas following Alain Daniélou’s standards of knowledge, freedom of thought and creativity, which basically boil down to the courage to inquire into different subjects without dogmatic barriers, so as to enhance our experience and the world around us.

Adrián Navigante
FIND Intellectual Dialogue

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