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Photo: Sarah Eichner

The religious perspective of FIND Intellectual Dialogue and related research activities are inspired by the central aspects of Alain Daniélou’s approach to the divine. In Daniélou’s thought, religion has many layers of meaning indicating its relevance to the life of human beings.



Photo: Sankhitta Sangheyani. Compendium of Cosmography, West India, 17th century. (source)

Following the principles of classical Indian tradition, Alain Daniélou wrote that the function of a work of art is not just to copy nature, but to imitate the process by means of which nature has been created, as seen by the artist who perceives the inner reality of things.



Caste system Horniman Museum, London (photo by Alan Denney with permission from the author)

Do human beings have a political and social orientation nowadays? What is to be done about the identity crisis affecting Europe at present? What is the future of India, with its permanent tension between modernization and tradition? Is democracy the key to the future?